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Expert-led private training to upskill and enhance your team

Each year Skills Matter powers the world’s most innovative tech‑driven businesses through our courses, conferences and events, and now we bring you Live Private Training from the expert themselves.

We’ve all heard about the skills gap. We know that to meet complex and fast changing business demands, tech teams need to stay current with an ever expanding universe of technologies. But we also know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution — every team and every business is unique.

Learn Functional programming in these courses with Skills Matter and 47 Degrees. Workshops cover the foundations of topics including Haskell, Kotlin, Scala and SwiftUI

Skills Matter can help your team upskill and gain a competitive edge through expert-led private training that works specifically for you and your company.

The Benefits of Private Training

Upskill your team

Expand your team’s skillset — learn live directly from experts and thought leaders. Improve your team’s culture, diversity and reputation with training tailored to your company's needs.

Inspire, retain and attract top talent

Include Private Training as a part of your employees benefit package to help attract and retain talent.

Inform decisions with data insights

We’ll analyse individual and team-level skills, interests, and capacity to help you pinpoint areas of learning and productivity optimisation.

Access to like-minded individuals

Our global community has over 100,000 highly experienced technology creators, experts and engineers.

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