Rachel Kempinska-Smith

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As an experienced Marketer and award-winning Image Consultant with, IIP Gold accredited, House of Colour Limited, I use colour analysis and personal style development to guide my clients on a journey of self-reflection and rediscovery. The result? Confident leaders, employees and role-models with the courage to be more visible, stay true to their core values and build trust/credibility with those around them.

With a creative background and down-to-earth approach, I believe in teaching others the skill they need to reflect their true authenticity on the outside, to make a real difference to their self-worth on the inside and perceived worth to others.

My background in direct and brand marketing understands that people buy from people. What I do motivates individuals to step out of the crowd, into their own space and buy into themselves (a critical step before expecting anyone to buy into you).

'House of Colour is a great British brand, with a proven approach to colour analysis and personal style; supported by science, psychology and practical techniques, honed over almost 35 years and practiced by almost 100 image consultants nationwide, and more globally.

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Talks I've Given