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Interacting with Ethereum Blockchains with Groovy and web3j

Friday, 17th July, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in July 2020


The London Java Community is delighted to be able to bring you this talk by Kevin Wittek. Those registering for the event will need access to Zoom. Members will be sent a link to the event once they have registered.

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Interacting with Ethereum Blockchains with Groovy and web3j

Ethereum is currently one of the most exciting technologies in the Blockchain domain, providing us with a turing-complete distributed “world-computer” and a “rich statefulness”. But how do you actually interact with such a system from within your applications and your code? Is it like using a database, a web service, the cloud? The answer is probably yes and no… In this talk, we want to have a look under the hood and see some real code examples of how to interact with Ethereum. We will use web3j, a Java implementation of the quasi-standard Javascript Etheuerem client library web3 and we will use it not only with Java but with Groovy to get the flexibility and ease of a scripting language onto the JVM. And we will get sciency and use Groovy to get some data science work done with data we extract from Ethereum, demonstrating that Python and R aren’t the answer for everything.

Kevin Wittek

Kevin Wittek is a Testcontainers co-maintainer and Testcontainers-Spock author, in love with FLOSS. He received the Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador award for his contributions to the Open Source community. He is a Software Craftsman and testing fan. Plays the electric guitar and is a musician in his second life. Found his own company during his university years, developing mobile apps and client-server applications, which introduced him to Grails and the Groovy ecosystem. Fell in love with TDD because of Spock. After many years working in the industry as an engineer, Kevin is now doing his PhD at the Institute for Internet Security and is leading a research team in the field of blockchain technology.

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