Meet up

LRUG: September Meetup

Monday, 8th September at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in September 2014


Bebox - Convention over configuration for puppet repositories

Bebox's main concern is the structure. It is generally a good idea to have conventions about how different source code files are placed and named and be able to use this to reduce the details required to understand a project while also providing automation in key places.

These conventions may include things like: how to write puppet modules, how to integrate them into the projects, a directory structure for the projects, how to have a replicated “development/test” environment into virtual machines, etc.

Jairo Diaz

Jairo is the founder of Codescrum, a company creating custom software to help businesses innovate and grow to their full potential. Our clients include government agencies, media companies, universities, retail businesses, charities and leading startups. Jairo is also an open source developer (ruby on rails) and volunteer coach of software development to minority groups.

How not to become a terrible human being once you get a leadership title

Do you find yourself in a position of leadership and don't know what to do now? Do you think you're a great tech lead? Do you wonder if you're cut out to lead one day?

Great, then come and listen to my talk, you may find it more relevant to your interests than you realise.

Learn to code in 12 weeks?

With more and more of us choosing this route, the aim is to show those interested in the 'Immersion' model (either attending a course, or hiring someone who has joined a course) what someone with no prior coding experience can achieve within 12 weeks.

Daniel Sun

Daniel is a web designer and technologist producing all things web, mobile and most other bits you can see on a screen.

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