Using the very latest technologies, Cake Solutions helps organisations take innovative and disruptive ideas and develop them into ultra modern reactive software solutions.

Specialising in functional programming using the Typesafe Reactive Platform, Cake partners with Typesafe, Datastax, Databricks, Mesosphere, IBM and other leading technology organisations to design solutions that help organisations grow their business in the modern world.

Cake also offers a unique opportunity to technology startup founders through Cake Invest®. With many Skills Matter members involved with entrepreneurship and start-ups, the Cake and Skills Matter partnership offers an unrivalled proposition to help them build their technology business with the strongest possible foundations.

With so many Skills Matter members discovering and evolving technologies every day, Cake's presence and partner network offers community members hands-on advice and tech solutions right at the centre of Skills Matter's community venue, CodeNode.

“We are very proud to support our long standing partner; Skills Matter in their exceptional new premises" says Guy Remond - Managing Director - Cake Solutions Ltd. "Our office, which we share with Typesafe, goes on to further cement our already firm foothold in London. We are looking forward to working with SkillsMatter and their community on forthcoming events and conferences.”

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