Embedded Rust: Advanced Workshop


31st March 2022   1 day

English   Online Workshop


The Advanced Workshop is for developers that have already tried out Embedded Rust, and want to learn more.

We'll cover some of the more advanced topics of working productively with Rust on bare-metal systems. Using RTIC, an interrupt drviven concurrency framework for building real-time systems, we'll build an app that does the USB enumeration.

Embedded Rust Beginners Workshop — this beginner workshop covers everything necessary to get started writing applications in Rust on an embedded system.

Learn how to:

By the end of the Advanced Workshop, you will know:

  • How to build and run embedded applications (refresher)
  • How to write and debug evented, time sensitive code
  • How to test no_std code
  • How to handle errors in a long-lived application

This course will be offered virtually over 1 session of 3.5 hours.

This workshop is a live, real-time workshop offered in an intimate virtual classroom — where you will learn directly from Tanks.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions, dig into the concepts and ensure you're all set to get started writing applications in Rust on an embedded system.

This class utilises Zoom. Please note this course requires additional hardware — see the "Bring Your Own Hardware" section below.

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About the Expert

Tanks Transfeld

Tanks is an embedded software developer with a background in teaching chemistry and art. Tanks loves to help people discover and learn new things: Besides hosting embedded Rust workshops they're also one of the authors of knurling books, a set of materials to learn embedded Rust through small projects. They're also the editor of Ferrous' teaching materials and teach future Rust trainers at Ferrous Systems the teaching side of the job.

About the Author

Ferrous Systems

Committed to Rust for your peace of mind

Available dates

Starts at 3:00 PM GMT (2:00 PM UTC)

Can't make it on any of these dates?
Our team is happy to discuss other options with you.
Contact us at and mention ref: ADV-RUSTEMB-FS-02.
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Who should take this workshop?


Attendees should have a knowledge of Rust and a basic knowledge of embedded systems.

We recommend you take the Embedded Rust: Beginners Workshop.

Bring your own hardware

This course requires additional hardware:

Workshop Outline

Over 3.5 hours this workshop covers:

  • Code organisation
  • Listing USB Devices
  • Checking the API Documentation
  • RTIC hello, world!
  • Dealing with Registers
  • Event Handling
  • Task State
  • USB Enumeration step by step
  • DMA
  • Additional USB standard requests
  • Error handling
  • Dealing with unknown requests
  • Idle state
  • Inspecting the Descriptors

Embedded Rust: Advanced Workshop
1 day
Online Workshop
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3:00 PM GMT
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